Here we go again; A GOP politician makes another stupid comment

If you did not hear the latest of what it seems to be, never-ending ignorant remarks from another GOP politician, make sure you are sitting down for this one.  Rep. Don Young, a Republican 21-term lawmaker from Alaska, used a racial slur referring to immigrants, particularly Mexicans, in an … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton Will Crush Them In 2016; Top Republicans Secretly Think

As much as the polling got criticized during the last presidential election between Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney; we are still dependent on it as a statistical tool, for planning of future elections. In addition, if someone is still naïve enough to think that the two major political parties are not … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton Has Early Advantage In 2016 Election, Poll Shows

There are more than three years to go until the 2016 election, but Hillary Clinton has an early advantage over several top Republican candidates, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Thursday, which also found continuing support for universal background checks on guns. Clinton had the edge in … [Read more...]

Four years later, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Debt Finally Paid Off

More than four years after ending her first run for president and a few years out from her potential 2016 bid, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has paid off all outstanding debts from her 2008 campaign, according to FEC forms submitted today. According to documents filed with the Federal … [Read more...]

33 Incredible Photos From Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day Celebrations

An estimated 800,000 people descended on Capitol Hill Monday to celebrate the start of President Barack Obama's second term with a day of political pageantry. From Bill Clinton's Kelly Clarkson photo bomb to Joe Biden's triumphant walk down the National Mall parade route, we've compiled our … [Read more...]

Does the GOP need to hit the ‘Reset’ button on the Evangelical issue?

There was once this famous astronomer who went by the name of Galilei Galileo, who most famous for his scientific hypothesis that the Earth revolves around the sun, rather than the sun revolving around Earth, as most people believed in that day. He went to trial for his hypothesis because of its … [Read more...]

The Melt-Down: Insiders Explain How Mitt Romney’s Campaign Completely Fell Apart On Election Day

 As conservatives search for an explanation for Mitt Romney's loss, much of the blame has been directed at the collapse of his campaign's Election Day get out the vote efforts, a massive organizational failure that resulted in lower Republican turnout than even John McCain got in 2008. … [Read more...]

“Wisen up”; John Boehner’s stern message to GOP after 2012 election trouncing

  Great read this AM in the New York Times on John Boehner's message to the GOP during a conference call last Wednesday. Boehner to House GOP: Wisen Up    WASHINGTON — On a conference call with House Republicans a day after the party’s electoral battering last week, Speaker John A. … [Read more...]

GOP & Mitt Romney shell-shocked over defeat in presidential election

KALAMAZOO -- As I eagerly watched the results come in on Tuesday night, ironically, I was not at all concerned during any moment that night that President Barack Obama was going to lose his re-election. These feelings contrasted the ones I felt a couple of days before, when wrote a piece: why … [Read more...]

Hands down, Obama triumphs and gains 4 more years

As Adam Sorenson put it best “A hurricane couldn't stop it.  Two billion dollars couldn't buy it. A weak economy couldn't swing it. Americans re-elected Barack Obama on Tuesday, affirming the goals of the President’s tumultuous first term and giving him a second. … [Read more...]

Why America needs an Obama victory on November 6

With less than 24 hours to go in the biggest election of our lifetime, America has reached the crossroad right now. Who will lead America in the next four years?Voters must decide whether to take America in one of two separate paths.  America is counting on its voters to make the right choice … [Read more...]

Why Mitt Romney will be the next US President

      Mitt Romney the 45th President of the United States of America:   Come November 6, the United States will see the biggest political shocker in the history of this great young nation.  Mitt Romney will be unofficially declared the next US President-elect. … [Read more...]