Apple iPhone Trade-In Program Launched.

Now it's easier for you to get rid of your old phone and get at least some money out of it, because Apple will pay you for your old/used iPhone(s). The company has confirmed that the iPhone Trade-In program has launched across the country today. Customer's will bring the old phone to the Apple … [Read more...]

Fox News and CNN Brace With The Launch of Al Jazeera America Near

The Al Jazeera America airing is close to becoming a reality; with fourteen hours of straight news every day. Hard-hitting documentaries. Correspondents in oft-overlooked corners of the country. And fewer commercials than any other news channel. It sounds like something a journalism professor would … [Read more...]

Homeless man wins lottery but wants to stay in his tent [Video]

BLOOMINGTON: Dennis Mahurin has been homeless since around 1978, living in his tent. And he plans to stay there despite having won a $50,000 lottery off a scratch card ticket. "I scratched it off right here in my tent," Mahurin told CINewsNow. However, the Bloomington, Indiana native does have a … [Read more...]

When Two Enemies Discover a ‘Higher Call’ During Battle

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Wartime encounter between enemy pilots haunts both men They met in battle but formed an unexpected bond What causes soldiers to risk their lives for the enemy? Scholar: There is something "worse than death" for soldiers By: John Blake The pilot glanced outside his … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton Has Early Advantage In 2016 Election, Poll Shows

There are more than three years to go until the 2016 election, but Hillary Clinton has an early advantage over several top Republican candidates, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Thursday, which also found continuing support for universal background checks on guns. Clinton had the edge in … [Read more...]

What is This Sequestration Talk?

  If you have had a chance to catch some of the headlines these past 10 days, you have probably seen the word sequestration mentioned somewhere. When you ask most people what the term means, the best answer you might get is, that it is another budget fight in congress.  The answer is correct, but … [Read more...]

Cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service to Launch ‘Smart’ Clothing Line

It's not every day that the worlds of fashion, feds and technology intersect, but we live in unusual times. The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service is launching a new line of 'Smart' clothing and accessories under the brand name "Rain Heat & Snow," playing off USPS' unofficial motto "Neither snow … [Read more...]

After 15 years in solitary, convicted terrorist pleads for contact with others

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Amazon can save the U.S. Postal Service; how it can happen

In case you haven't noticed recently, your pile of mail from the USPS (U.S. Postal Service) is getting a lot smaller. You can start by blaming the vehicle that gets the information that you are reading into your home. It's the internet's fault that, if the U.S. Postal Service has its way, you won't … [Read more...]

Is This a Gun Nut or Mass Shooter?

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US Drones, Now Hunting for Ex-Cop Killer Christopher Dorner

  Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD cop who allegedly killed three people has been on the run, successfully evading police, for over a week. To finally track him down, it seems that law enforcement is pulling out all the stops. According to the Express, Dorner is now a target for drones, … [Read more...]

United States Military to Open Combat Jobs to Women

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