Miss Mexico’s Karina Gonzalez Plans to Shock Naysayers by Winning Miss Universe 2012

Miss Mexico, Karina Gonzalez – Getty Images

For those that have not been paying attention; Mexico won the Miss Universe Crown as recently as 2010.  The recent criticisms of Mexico in this competition are due to the shocker of not making the Semis in 2011.

Mexico plans for this one year slump to end with none other than Karina Gonzalez representing the populous nation of 114 million.

If I were judging this competition myself, I would score Miss Gonzalez up there, just by the answers she gave to the generic questions below that all the Miss Universe contestants received.

Karina Gonzalez in her own words:

Quate I have learned to appreciate all the things that I have. This has made me a better person because it reminds me how important it is to help others. Quate

Miss Mexico, Karina Gonzalez – Examiner.Com

Karina Gonzalez grew up in the city of Aguascalientes where she and her cousins would spend quality time with her grandmother. Karina’s dream in life is to become a famous and esteemed architect, so she can improve construction from an ecological standpoint.  Karina also enjoys modeling.


  1. Recently, Karina has taken up water-skiing as a new hobby.

  2. Karina used to collect Rosary Beads because they remind her of her grandmother.

  3. Karina makes sure to set time aside and relax.

Mexico must hope for all that it can next week when Karina Gonzalez takes the stage after their very disappointing showing in 2011.  Right now, Mexico is wondering what is next for them.

The truth is, Mexico is not being consistent, not on the quality of its delegates, but rather on their placement at the pageant.

Miss Mexico, Karina Gonzalez –  Weathers Diva’s

Karina Gonzalez has everything that we are looking for a Miss Universe. She is tall, sexy and beautiful. On top of that she has this oozing confidence and that looks that could launch a thousand ships.

Miss Mexico, Karina Gonzalez – Lancelot Photography

But Miss Universe is a puzzle for Mexicans where many of their top class candidates where left in the cold. It means one thing – Karina will always have a 50-50 chance for the semis.

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