NRA finally breaks its silence on the Connecticut shootings


Victims of the Newton, Conn. shooting. – Getty Images

Although Cafe Con Leche has refused to cover the tragic massacre that took place last week in Newton, Connecticut, we thought it would was important to note, that the National Rifle Association has ended its silence and released a statement today.

Personally, being a gun owner, I am willing to concede on some issues, if we can get beyond the political wrangling and focus on what is really at state: Gun Safety.

As a former NRA member, who left it for political reasons, I am really hoping the Friday, December 21st, press conference on the Newton shootings offers real dialogue on improving gun safety overall.

Not surprising to many; after days of silence on the issue, The National Rifle Association has put out a statement saying it is “prepared to offer meaningful contributions” to prevent more violence like that which occurred in Newtown, Conn., last week. The organization said it will hold a press conference in Washington, D.C. on Friday.

It reads:

“The National Rifle Association of America is made up of four million moms and dads, sons and daughters – and we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in Newton.

“Out of respect for the families, and as a matter of common decency, we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting.

“The NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.

“The NRA is planning to hold a major news conference in the Washington, DC area on Friday, December 21.

“Details will be released to the media at the proper time.”

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