Purported first images of Apple’s iPhone 5s leak

iPhone 5s –  Guangdong, China

iPhone 5s Production Reportedly Kicks Off Ahead of Launch in The First Half Next Year

Is Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone 5, which was released in September, may already be seeing its replacement being displayed on the internet if you believe the purported iPhone 5S leaked images, which were unearthed by iPhone5Parts yesterday. The overall design is identical to the current generation iPhone, however the inside has changed. Several screws and other changes are visible in the photos. It is not really known what will be the new features on the iPhone 5S, but it is assumed that there will be a reorganization of some components.

The purported iPhone 5s leaked photo shows the back of the device with the model number and several other notations that are marked “X”. This is the case of the prototype iPhone, and for many other models. It remains unclear whether it is in fact an iPhone 5S or an older model of the iPhone.

iPhone 5s opened

The next version of Apple’s smartphone is expected to hit the market in early 2013. As Apple has already shown with the iPad 4, Apple will shorten the product life cycles, perhaps dramatically.

This could be the reality with the iPhone 5S, and it may indeed appear on the market in early 2013. Judging by the publications of recent years, the iPhone 5S will remain visually unchanged and may only be improved with an A7 processor.

However, the removal of the classic Home button in the iPhone 5S does not sound unlikely, after all, the iOS software is now able to completely function without the physical input method.

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